Watercolour painting, bespoke artwork, originals and prints, postcards and greeting cards. 


Visual content, customised items with images, personalised cards  -  all based on hand-painted watercolor pictures to make every project unique. 


Aña Tyulpanova is an international artist, who is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Her main media is watercolor, however Aña also works with Acrylic. 

Started working professionally with watercolour in 2016,   Aña has participated several international events, being invited as a guest artist. Currently she is a leader of the International Watercolor Society in the Czech Republic and the main organiser of the annual International Prague plein-air. 




Wine and Watercolor 2017 Prague 

World inFrames 2018 Prague 

Morocco 2018 Prague

Moroccan show  - opening of Francophonie Week 2019 Prague 

Faces and places 2019 Italy 

Azules 2019 Spain 

Watercolor show 2022 Italy




Fabriano in Aquarelo 2021 Italy 

International Watercolor Artists 2021 - UK- Online 

Aquarelle Pyreneenne 2021 - France  - Online 

Watercolor Vietnam 2021 - Vietnam  - Online 

Open Art Fest 2021 - Czech Republic 

Fabriano in Aquarelo 2022 Italy