Watercolour illustration, bespoke artwork, originals and prints, postcards and greeting cards, logos design, fashion prints. 


Visual content, illustrations, customised items with images, posters, personalised cards  -  all based on hand-painted watercolor pictures to make every project unique. 


Aña Tyulpanova is Russan-Czech artist, who is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. Aña learned painting from several artists in Russia, Spain and Czech Republic. 

Her main media is watercolor, however Aña also works with Acrylic. 

Travelling the world is Aña's biggest inspiration. In her paintings you can see the charm of French countryside, warm athmosphere of Spanish streets, exotic ocean views of Asia, ethnic faces of Africa, beautiful architecture of Czech Republic. 

The bespoke paintings murals and prints are popular among individuals and businesses, with Aña's personal approach to every project. 

Commercial illustration is to create visual image of business or a brand using hand-painted watercolor images.